Looking to Improve Your Techical Skills?

Do you feel like you may not be on the same level as everyone else when it comes to technology? Feeling a little left behind and not with the times? Would you like to become more computer and internet literate? Great! You’re in the perfect place! We have boundless web solutions for all your computer needs!

What You’ll Find Here

There are several moving parts to learn when it comes to the internet and technology.  It’s a rapidly advancing world and as a result brought us all together and we have become more connected than ever. For some of us though, it can be very overwhelming to keep up to date with changing times. Here are some of the topics you will come across at Boundless Web Solutions!

Basic Computer Skills

If computers intimidate you then this is the right place to be! We’ll help empower you to be more comfortable with all types of technology!


We’ll help you get started with a blog! Have your voice heard! Learn what tools you need and how to develop and promote your blog in order to find an audience.

The Internet

Build your internet skills and get tips for staying safe online, using social media safely, the different email providers, plus so much more!

Basic Finance

Managing money is a learned skill for most of us. Here we’ll cover the basics to hopefully make your life a little bit simplier. We’ll give you some tips to help start you off for financial success.

Social Media Platforms

We want to help you learn to use social media to be able to stay in touch with friends and family! You can also use it to promote your cause or keep up with news!

And So Much More!

Once you learn the basics, there are more advanced topics you can immerse yourself in! There will continue to be more new content added for people interested in developing their newly developed skills!

Become an expert

It’s so important to get a basic understanding of physical technology and information technology! Once you get the hang of those things we can help you master the more advanced applications of the internet and technological world! It’s amazing the things you can accomplish with just a few clicks of a mouse and some keystrokes!

Learn by Doing

Step By Step Guide

Step by step guides to help you figure things out on your own. If you don’t like reading there will be screen recording for those who learn by seeing. If you’re not that type of learner than then there will be a text description below the video.

Build your knowledge

The More You Learn, the More the World Opens Up to YOU!

The more knowledge you obtain about technology and online platforms, the more connected you become to the world.  A whole new world opens up when you open yourself up to the online world. Here we’ll teach you how to properly and safely navigate the world wide web and the applications and platforms involved.

Social Media Tutorials

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!

Here you will learn what Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all about and you will learn what their purpose is. Social media isn’t only meant for personal use, but it’s a great way to enhance business services or start a new business.

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